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How We Work

Something for everyone
Something for everyone
We have options for both single purchases and also subscriptions. The curated options have an assortment of flowers designed and hand crafted by our team in Wisconsin. The simple arrangements are just as beautiful and consist of just one type of flower - like all red roses. Whether you are buying something for yourself, or someone else, there are many options to choose!
We Get to Work
We Get to Work
We work very close with our farms to get the best product sent to our facility. Our flowers arrive in a refrigerated truck and get straight into our cooler until we start working on the arrangements. Once they are made, they go back to our cooler until they are shipped to you. Partnering with a regional shipping company has allowed us to get flowers to our customers efficiently within 36 hours of leaving our facility.
Time to Enjoy
Time to Enjoy
Once you receive the flowers (or the recipient does), they will want to be put in water as quickly as possible. Rehydrating the flowers is key to making sure you get the best life out of your blooms. To rehydrate, cut off the bottoms of the stems and then put the flowers in water with the enclosed food packet. To extend the life of your flowers, give the stems a fresh cut, rinse and fresh water every few days!
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Curated Bouquets

If you are interested in a bouquet crafted by one of our specialists, choose a curated bouquet. We offer two options: the Standard and the Select based on the approximate stem count.
Once your flowers arrive, just cut the bottom of the stems and put them in a vase. We do our best to bring in seasonal flowers and arrange them for any vase. If you like, use something you already have at home. Every few days, inspect your bouquet and rinse the bottom of the stems. Some flowers live longer than others, so pull withering stems to maximize the life of your arrangement.

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Get Simple
Simplistic Bouquets

Let's not complicate flowers - simple can be beautiful! Our simplistic bouquet option consists of a bundle of the same variety of flowers. All you have to do is cut the bottom of the stems and put them into a vase to enjoy. Or split the order and fill a few vases to add beauty in a few rooms.

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Get Crafty
Market Box

If you've always wanted to create your own bouquet designs, our market box is for you. The flowers will not come crafted in any way. They’ll arrive packaged together awaiting your personal touch. Use your imagination and have fun creating several arrangements throughout your home.

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Some of our Latest Bouquet Creations

Flowers for Businesses


We want to make any environment better. That’s one of the main reasons we launched Floricity! Keep your business feeling friendly and inviting with fresh flowers.

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Made with in the Midwest

We Care From Farm To Door

We use the best flowers. This doesn't only mean that they are fresh and beautiful, but they also come from farms that set high standards for their employees' treatment. We visit most of our farms each year because we want to make sure our flowers are ethically sourced. We are proud that the Rainforest Alliance certifies all our flowers.

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